Friday, May 18, 2012

Making my Month

 Today I received a lovely package from Cecilia (please see her website here, she makes such very beautiful things).  I'm so extremely happy to have met her through the internet.  I'm finishing her parcel today!  She is the sweetest.  Her necklace is so very special!  Everything about this package is super nice I love the pouch she made and the happy face pin as well!
I put it on right away : )  Please forgive the photos my new cellphone... 
So with that said!

A little peak at what I'm whipping up for Cecilia. ;)


Now that Ilana has got her package safe and sound I can fully reveal what I was working on for my part of the trade with her!  Cellphone photos...  This style of neckace is called 'Sea of Carnations' more to come of those : )  She took some beautiful photos here.  I'm so excited about her jewelry coming out soon!  And her textiles, marbling skills and clothes for SS '12 are on point!  She is very kind and I thank Jennifer for helping us find one another! ; )  Anyhow, a good weekend and happy Friday to you!

**  Feeling very inspired by all these wonderful gals!  Thanks again C.M.C, I, and J!  **

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